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A supplements from SPONSER: for highest performance in sports

Endurance, strength, speed, accuracy paired with high performance expectations and a constantly dense and growing competition schedule: Those who seek to achieve the maximum in every game must enter the playing field in top physical and mental form. Sports nutrition and supplements can make the decisive difference and decide between victory and defeat. Internationally recognised bodies from the world of sports and nutrition science use study-based evidence to classify sports nutrition. They define so-called «A supplements» to be highly effective, as they have been proven to support or enhance athletic performance:

Caffeine contributes to improving concentration, attention and physical performance. It supports athletes during high-intensity sprints, in game-deciding duels and when fatigue sets in.

Creatine increases short-term, intensive physical performance when taken daily and is predestined for sports with interval-type forms of exertion and energy-sapping sprints.

Beta-alanine increases the acid buffer capacity in the body by increasing the storage of carnosine. This is important for high lactate tolerance in interval sports with many intense sprints.

Sodium bicarbonate helps to increase the body's acid buffering capacity during high-intensity exercise with high lactic acid production, which serves to improve lactate tolerance in intermediate sprints and duels.

Nitrate or beetroot juice increases the availability of nitroxide in the body. Nitroxide as a metabolic product of nitrate is essential for microcirculation, oxygen supply and thus muscle performance.

Top teams and elite athletes trust in the supplements of the Swiss sports nutrition manufacturer SPONSER®. The scientifically designed and highly functional products cover all the needs of ambitious athletes and stand for the highest level of function and tolerance. The processing of the certified raw materials is subject to the strictest quality requirements.

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