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Improved acid tolerance for high-intensity performance

During high-intensity performance of short duration –anaerobic lactic exercise of approx. 1 min to 8 min – muscle acidosis is very often the performance-limiting factor. In sports such as swimming, rowing, canoeing, middle-distance athletics, track cycling, cross-country skiing sprints, intermediate sprints in cycling and biking, combat sports, it is those athletes that will end up on top who have the better acid tolerance. For this reason, science and professional sport have been studying this topic for many years.

Beta alanine and sodium bicarbonate have proven to be particularly effective for acid buffering capacity. Both substances are listed at the highest scientific evidence level by both the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Swiss Sports Nutrition Society (SSNS):
Sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate: buffering substances. Supplement Guide A-Supplements: Performance Supplement, SSNS (PDF)
β-alanine, beta-alanine. Supplement Guide A-Supplements: Performance Supplement, SSNS (PDF)

The two SPONSER products LACTAT BUFFER and BETA ALANINE both improve acid tolerance by increasing the capacity to buffer lactic acid. This means that athletes can either sustain an intensive performance for longer despite an increase in lactate or achieve a higher level of performance at a given time. When using LACTAT BUFFER and BETA ALANINE, a significantly faster recovery can also be expected because the removal of lactate is accelerated by the increased buffering capacity.

Function and effects of BETA ALANINE
BETA ALANINE as an amino acid supplement increases the muscle's own carnosine content. The most important function of carnosine is to buffer acids. In contrast to an extracellular buffering as achieved by a soda loading (see LACTAT BUFFER), carnosine acts within the cell. In this context, the combined use of soda loading and beta-alanine supplementation to improve both extracellular and intracellular buffering capacity is extremely interesting. Thanks to the slow-release formulation in tablet form, the otherwise harmless but somewhat unpleasant tingling of the skin that is typical when taking beta-alanine is prevented.

Function and effects of LACTAT BUFFER
Supplementation with LACTAT BUFFER or sodium bicarbonate and/or citrate is also known as soda loading. Due to the mode of action of an increased bicarbonate buffer capacity in the blood, it is not necessarily the individual achievable lactate value of the athlete that is increased, but primarily the acid tolerance. This means that the athlete can last longer or perform better with their individual lactate value. The athlete does not necessarily perceive a particular exertion as lower in the frame of a maximum achievable performance setting. In contrast, however, a predetermined, defined performance should be perceived as less stressful. In all cases, a significantly faster recovery can be expected because the acid removal is accelerated by the increased buffer capacity. This means: faster disappearance of the «stiff» muscle feeling after exercise and faster recovery.