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Production conditions
As an ISO FSSC 22000 certified company, Sponser refrains from any action involving hormone-active, prohormonal or pharmaceutically active substances. We ensure that both our raw materials and our finished products never come into contact with substances of concern. Sponser only works with certified industry partners and suppliers who also have ISO or GFSI accredited certification. These highest quality standards of the food industry guarantee perfect product quality and food safety.

Production materials
Sponser only uses controlled raw materials for the production of its broad product range, which ranges from beverage powders, bars, gels and expedition food to dietary supplements. The raw materials are purchased according to strict quality criteria. Incoming goods inspections and complete documentation of the raw material batches and process steps used ultimately ensure consistent product quality.

Fair and sustainable food production is important to us. However, in order to survive in a global economic environment, we pursue the following goals:
• Swissness is not just part of our brand; we live Swissness. As Swiss producers, we promote Switzerland as a business location. Whenever possible, we prefer Swiss raw materials and make use of the services of Swiss companies. We see this as part of our responsibility to manufacture high-quality, sustainable products. For example, our products are manufactured without a single flight kilometre.
• We avoid food waste. We only buy as much as we need. Responsible purchasing keeps records of raw materials in stock. But even we are not error-free - any overproduction is made available to charitable organisations.
• We handle our resources carefully. For this reason, we are also involved in the amfori BSCI of the "Business Social Compliance Initiative". This merger of several major retailers aims to create fair and sustainable conditions for all parties involved in the supply chain. We are therefore obliged to draw our suppliers' attention to the conventions in force and to generate fair working conditions for all stakeholders.