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What is the best protein for your goals?


No matter what purpose you want to use protein powder and protein products for: SPONSER® has the right protein for every personal goal and every purpose.

Protein for muscle building
For effective muscle building, the body needs around 1.5-2.0 g of protein per kilogramme of body weight every day, ideally with a portion of 20-30 g every 3-4 hours. Since, according to nutritional surveys, only a little more than the minimum requirement of protein (0.8-1.2 g) is covered by the general diet, high-quality protein supplements are an ideal addition to a varied, balanced and fibre-rich basic diet.
Recommended protein products for muscle building: WHEY ISOLATE 94, WHEY TRIPLE SOURCE PROTEIN, MULTI PROTEIN and PREMIUM WHEY HYDRO

Protein for regeneration
All sports training strictly speaking is associated with damage to the muscles. Proteins and the 21 amino acids that make them up are essential for the body to build muscle and break down metabolic products after training. If certain amino acids are missing, the body attacks the protein stored in the muscle cells and damages itself in the process.
For rapid regeneration after training, the body ideally needs 0.3-0.5 g of protein per kilogramme of body weight, preferably within 20-30 minutes after training, as well as fluids and carbohydrates.
High-quality products for regeneration: PRO RECOVERY or RECOVERY SHAKE

Protein for weight management
If you want to reduce or maintain your weight with a calorie-reduced diet, you should not do without high-quality protein. On the contrary, the protein content should even be increased to 2.0-2.7 g/kg body weight. This is because protein has a high degree of satiety, which leads to a lower overall food and therefore energy intake. Special low-carb protein shakes are ideal for supplementing and increasing the protein content of a meal in combination with salad, fruit and vegetables.
Recommended product: LOW CARB PROTEIN SHAKE

Protein for a healthy, balanced everyday life
Protein is one of the basic building blocks of the body and plays a central role in a functioning metabolism, an intact immune system and athletic performance. If you eat little or no meat and want to keep your protein balance in equilibrium, you should use a basic protein that covers your daily protein requirements.

Protein for a vegan nutrition
People who follow a consistent vegan nutrition must pay particular attention to a balanced, high-quality protein intake. As plant-based protein sources do not have as complete an amino acid profile as meat and milk, a combination of plant-based proteins is always recommended as a balance.
Recommended product: VEGAN PROTEIN with its full spectrum of amino acids and more than 20 g protein per portion.

Protein for allergy sufferers
If you want to avoid lactose and gluten or artificial sweeteners for health or ethnoecological reasons, SPONSER® has high-quality protein products for mixing with water.
Ideal for this: RECOVERY DRINK. VEGAN PROTEIN is also allergen-free, but with stevia. The neutral WHEY ISOLATE 94 is also an option, prepared with water plus fruit juice, syrup, chocolate powder, instant coffee, etc.

Protein for the third age
As we get older, muscle maintenance becomes increasingly important from a health perspective. Not only regular physical activity is crucial, but also a protein-rich diet with a daily protein intake of at least 25-35 g per portion (a higher protein intake is necessary in old age for metabolic reasons)
Perfectly suited: SENIOR PROTEIN

Protein for the night
Competitive athletes, strength and power athletes who are looking for a protein supply that is as even as possible throughout the day turn to casein, also known as night protein. Casein is a protein fraction of milk that is digested and metabolised slowly. Casein is therefore ideal for a sustained protein supply during rest periods and ensures a lasting feeling of satiety.
Product recommendation: CASEIN

Determine your individual protein requirement with our protein calculator
If you want to know how much protein you need to achieve your desired goal, simply use our protein calculator to determine your daily protein requirement.