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Caffeine increases performance – but only if it is individually matched and timed

SPONSER and COFFEEGEN are launching the COFFEEGEN STARTER KIT, a new genetic test that shows you at what time and in what dosage caffeine optimally unfolds its performance-enhancing effect. While some people react sensitively to caffeine, others hardly notice any effect. The reason for this lies in the different genetics. It is the genes that determine how well our metabolism processes caffeine. Accordingly, the recommended caffeine quantities and the ideal timing for caffeine intake are also individual, in order to experience the best possible effect.

The test provides information about the individual caffeine metabolism genotype and provides all the necessary clues as to when and in what dosage caffeine should be taken for the best possible effect: before training, before competition or before a mental challenge. The genetic test is suitable for all people who want to increase their performance simply, safely and naturally «to the point». Optimum performance grace to the COFFEEGEN STARTER KIT and an individually adjusted caffeine dosage and intake timing!

The beneficial effects of caffeine
The effects of caffeine have been widely researched. Science has shown in numerous studies: generally, caffeine intake in a sufficient dose results in the following beneficial effects:

• better cognitive and mental performance
• Increased ability to concentrate
• improved attention and alertness
• increased short-term aerobic performance

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