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  • Innovative caffeine gene test
  • Know your caffeine genotype
  • Benefit from personalised caffeine usage

    What is your power benefit? Your genes know!

    Our partners from COFFEEGEN offer an innovative genotype testing that informs you how your body can perfectly exploit the performance-enhancing effects of caffeine. COFFEEGEN is suitable for all people who want to increase their performance simply, safely and naturally "to the point". And this on a sound scientific basis and at a reasonable price with only one single test.

    What means «caffeine genotype»?

    Caffeine improves performance - but only if it is taken properly according to your genes. Our genes determine how well our metabolism can process caffeine.

    The COFFEEGEN test provides the following information:

    1. Your individual caffeine metabolism genotype
    2. how you can influence and increase your performance with caffeine
    3. how to optimize your performance (up to +7% increase in performance is possible) or to avoid a caffeine-related performance drop (up to -14%)
    4. how to preferably time caffeine consumption - before training, competitions or mental challenges

    In concrete terms: what is the ideal quantity and intake timing of caffeine to reach your performance optimum.

    1. order your test kit and register on the COFFEEGEN website
    2. you will receive your personalized COFFEEGEN test kit with a saliva sampling set
    3. return the saliva sample set - the experts in caffeine genetics will then analyse your genetic information in the laboratory to determine exactly your caffeine genotype.
    4. you will receive a detailed report with your personal information, and a precise intake recommendation to maximize your potential - for all situations where you need to perform at your best!