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Glucosamine/Chondroitin associated with lower cardiovascular and all-cause mortality

In a survey conducted from the large NHANES cohort study combined data from 16’686 participants the association between daily use of glucosamine/chondroitin with both cardiovascular (CVD) and all-cause mortality was examined. Participants reporting consecutive daily use for at least 365 days within the observation period from 1999 to 2010 were included (n=658, 3.94%).

During follow-up (median 107 months), there were 3366 total deaths (20.17%), thereof 674 (20.02%) due to CVD. After controlling for age, sex, race, education, smoking status, and physical activity, daily glucosamine/chondroitin intake was associated with an impressive 27% reduction in all-cause (hazard ratio = 0.73; 0.57–0.93) and CVD mortality 58% (HR= 0.42; 0.23-0.75)! These findings are consistent with previous studies in other populations.

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Dana E. King and Jun Xiang (2020): Glucosamine/Chondroitin and Mortality in a US NHANES Cohort, in: The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine November 2020, 33 (6) 842-847.

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ