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«Trail running optimally complements the specific Triathlon training»

Time and time again Timo Hummel sends us spectacular photos of his mountain runs, which sometimes show him with SPONSER bars in front of the summit cross, sometimes on impassable single trails. The German endurance athlete, who lives in Vorarlberg, is not only a passionate trail runner, but above all a very successful triathlete who will compete in the Ironman Hawaii. We wanted to know from Timo why he does trail running and how he eats while doing it.

Timo, which competitions are you contesting this season?

I actually come from the sport of triathlon and mainly compete there. My next triathlon competitions are the Transvorarlberg Triathlon on August 25, 2019, the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice on September 9, 2019 and finally the Ironman Hawaii on October 12, 2019.

Why trail running?

While triathlon is a competitive sport for me, I only do trail running for myself. For me, it represents perfect endurance training and optimally complements the specific triathlon training. But the real attraction - reduced to the most essential equipment - is the rapid movement in demanding terrain. It offers the perfect conditions to combine the enjoyment of our wonderful mountain world with challenges of a physical, technical and mental nature, whereby the limit here is defined by the sentence of the alpinist Paul Preuss: "The ability is the measure allowed."

What food do you take with you when you go to training?

If I'm on the road for between two and five hours, for example on the Kanisfluh in the Bregenzerwald mountains (2044 m above sea level), I usually only take one or two bars with me in addition to water. Back at the car, I refill my reservoirs with sugary drinks and an ampoule of AMINO12500 from Sponser.

What is your favorite product for SPONSER in trail running and why?

The HIGH ENERGY BARS from Sponser, which are available in four different flavours, should never be missing. They taste great and the energy is gradually absorbed due to the different chain lengths in the carbohydrates. I usually only have one bar with me. This is typically at the summit.

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