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Optimised carbohydrate composition for staggered energy supply, with isomaltulose and waxy maize starch
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Performance in any competitive environment is determined by a combination of mental, technical, tactical and physical skills. These factors also influence cognitive and mental performance, which play a particularly important role in e-sports.

The motor demands and skills of professional e-athletes are impressive: e-gamers manage up to 400 movements per minute at the keyboard and mouse, 4 times more than the average person! And this is done asymmetrically, because both hands are moved at the same time, different brain regions are used in parallel. This level of stress is not known from any other sport, even table tennis players would have to perform less in terms of hand-eye coordination. In strategy games such as Counter-Strike or League of Legends, the complexity is even higher, because in addition to motor skills, an enormous tactical understanding is necessary to defeat the opponent.

Studies on professional e-athletes showed that during competitions the stress hormone cortisol is similarly high as in racing drivers. In addition, the pulse rate is very high; heart rate values between 160-180 beats per minute have been measured! Together with the fine motor skills required, these are performance demands that are absolutely on a par with classical sports. Accordingly, insights from training theory and sports nutrition are increasingly finding their way into e-sports as well.

Every e-sports player strives to achieve a stable performance in the game. This often makes the difference between winning and losing. Whether a professional gamer or somebody who wants to become one, consistency means always playing at an optimal level rather than constantly having ups and downs. And this is where nutritional supplements can provide an advantage to control the controllable and perform consistently. SPONSER® e-sports products support e-sports players in their increased cognitive and mental, but also physical performance requirements - for premium gaming performance.


At more than 100 sporting events with more than 100,000 athletes every year, SPONSER® products are not only put through their paces under laboratory conditions, but also in practical tests. So not only our products, but also our athletes are always one step ahead of the competition.