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  • Find out your individual salt and sodium loss in sweat
  • Determine your electrolyte losses and maintain a balanced hydration status
  • Develop your individual nutrition strategy

    With the test kit from our partner BESTZEIT you can determine your individual salt or sodium losses in sweat.
    Electrolytes, and in particular sodium as an important component of salt, influence energy levels, hydration, cramp susceptibility, heart and brain function and have a preventive effect on hyponatremia. Particularly during prolonged exercise over several hours, it is important that you adequately replace your salt and sodium loss in order to prevent performance losses.
    Why should you address the issue of fluid and salt losses?

    To be able to maintain performance over several hours
    To regenerate optimally
    To develop an individual nutrition strategy

    This is why you should know your salt or sodium losses

    Sweat composition varies widely from athlete to athlete. The sodium content ranges between 200mg/l and 2300mg/l sweat. Sweat is 99% water and primarily used for thermoregulation. Sodium is the most important electrolyte and the main component of sweat.

    Sports physiology is constantly gaining new insights and enables an increasingly individualised knowledge and recommendations on a wide range of influencing factors. SPONSER® deems the rapid progress in measuring individual sweat and salt losses as a relevant topic for sports nutrition due to the strongly varying individual values. Such measurement can be an interesting and potentially performance-enhancing tool for competitive athletes.

    Procedure for the test:

    With the SWEAT PACK you get a pad, which you stick on according to the instructions. Exercise for at least 1 hour, whereby you should sweat well. It does not matter whether you complete this part of the test indoors, outdoors, on a bike or while running. Ideally, you choose the type of sport and intensity that you want to optimize.

    Then put the pads back in the box and send the sample back to the lab in the prepaid envelope. You will receive the results of your individual salt or sodium loss directly from our partner BESTZEIT.

    After the analysis, we will be happy to advise you on the recommended Sponser products.


    At more than 100 sporting events with more than 100,000 athletes every year, SPONSER® products are not only put through their paces under laboratory conditions, but also in practical tests. So not only our products, but also our athletes are always one step ahead of the competition.