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Two professional athletes, Ajla del Ponte & Silvan Wicki, talk about creatine

Creatine has become indispensable in elite sports. Creatine increases physical performance, especially during high-intensity exertion lasting from a few minutes to about a quarter of an hour. That is why top athletes resort to it in sprinting, interval and strength training as well as in ball sports and martial arts. We asked the fastest Swiss sprinters - Ajla del Ponte and Silvan Wicki - about creatine and got exciting answers:

Ajla, do you take creatine regularly and what for?

I take creatine every day to help my body build muscle mass and explosiveness.

In which phases do you use creatine?

The most important times for me to take creatine are before training and before competitions. This is how I prepare my muscles for peak physical performance.

Do you follow a strict plan when taking creatine?

I am very consistent and take 3 g per day during breakfast and after lunch.

Do you have experienced any disadvantages with creatine?

I have never had any problems, my body has always reacted well to the intake. I prefer the capsules as the most convenient method to make sure I take the right dose on a regular basis.

Silvan, what about you? Do you regularly turn to creatine to specifically build muscle mass?

No. I use creatine more to build muscle strength, I don't really want to target mass with it, although that is a small side effect.

How long have you been doing this?

I started with a dose of 0.5 g at the end of 2016 and have steadily increased it since then.

In which phases do you load with creatine?

I don't do loading phases. I currently take 3 g per day consistently throughout the year. This dose has worked well so far.

What does your intake protocol depend on?

I usually take the creatine after training to replenish the stores that are used up in sprinting. If for some reason that intake scheme does not work out, I just take it on the next occasion.

What dangers do you see for yourself with creatine?

If I increase the dose too much, my muscle tone increases noticeably and my muscles form lactate more quickly and cramp up faster. This probably also increases the risk of injury.

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