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«I take an ACTIVATOR before a hard round!»

The 21-year-old Swiss wrestler Fabian Staudenmann from Guggisberg (BE) showed off all his skills at the 2021 Mittelland Swiss Wrestling Festival in Zollikofen where he won his first wreath. A little later he doubles up at the Kilchberger Schwinget, where he wins ex aequo with Samuel Giger and Damian Ott. Time to get to know the sympathetic SPONSER athlete a little better.

Fabian, congratulations for your success. Did you expect to win?

No, I didn't expect it. I was hoping to get into the final qualification. Winning the final round is a great achievement.

What was the biggest challenge for you after being back from a long Covid break?

These were indeed difficult months. Although there were smaller preparatory competitions, I needed some time to get back into competition mode. In training, you always get another chance when your back down in the sawdust. That it is different in competition!

What did you focus on in your training during the non-competitive period?

During the time when we did not have access to the wrestling cellar, I put the emphasis on athletic training. I worked specifically on strength and injury prevention and, above all, also benefited greatly from the training during the elite sports recruit school. Later, when we were allowed to wrestle again, I fine-tuned technical processes and practised new techniques. Endurance sessions are less common for us. Intervals are much more important, where full power is required during six minutes. This simulates the demands of a competition.

What are your short- and medium-term goals?

Now it's all about confirming my victory at the Mittelländischer Schwingest and showing that it wasn't just a lucky punch. Next year, I want to present myself at my best at the Swiss Federal Wrestling Festival and win a second federal wreath.

What role does nutrition play in your everyday life as an athlete?

An important one! I am one of those athletes who have to make sure they eat enough. Because training is extremely intense and requires a lot of energy. I make sure I eat a balanced diet.

Which SPONSER products do you regularly use in training and competition?

After strength training sessions I like to take WHEY PROTEIN, in the evening after a hard training also some RECOVERY SHAKE. In competition, during a long day, I mainly use HIGH ENERGY BARs and the COMPETITION® sports drink. Both products provide me with enough energy. In the morning or before a hard round, I also take an ACTIVATOR caffeine shot: a great product!

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