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«Before competition I pay attention to long-chain carbohydrates» - Interview with ski mountaineer Jakob Herrmann

You don't have to introduce Jakob Herrmann any more to ski mountaineering athletes. The Austrian has been a member of the national ski mountaineering team for over ten years and has recently attracted attention as a sky runner. In the following interview, the charming endurance athlete from Werfenweng (Salzburger Land) talks about his nutrition and tells us about the highlights in the upcoming season.

Jakob, you are a professional athlete in ski mountaineering in winter, but this summer you surprised us with results in running shoes. Would you like to tell us about your great success?

This year I started for the first time in summer competitions. And I won my first Skyrace! The Monte Rosa Sky Race is really an extreme race. You start at 1200 m a.s.l. and run up to 4558 m a.s.l. At the top you do one lap before you go down to 1200 m again. In total, I have climbed uphill as well as downhill 3500 meters in altitude and trails over snow and glacier fields in the fantastic Monte Rosa area. I didn't have enough afterwards and was able to finish 4th at the European Skyrace Championships in September 2019. So I look back on a great summer. But of course, now I am looking forward to the winter season!

What are your plans for the 2019/2020 season?

The ISMF World Cup in ski mountaineering will start on 21 December 2019. One of my biggest goals is certainly the European Championships in April. In addition to the World Cup, I also compete in the great Grande Course races, which are perfectly tailored to me. These are long, technically demanding events over several days; this is where I am really strong!

What does your breakfast look like on a typical competition day?

My breakfast on a race day is very light. What must not be missed under any circumstances is: coffee! Since I fuel well the day before a race, I eat rice waffles with banana and honey or jam for breakfast. Before the start I drink RECOVERY DRINK so that I not only consume carbohydrates but also some protein.

Do you do carboloading or special nutritional tapering before a competition?

I always eat carbohydrates with every meal and like to cook. I prefer Mediterranean cuisine. One day before the competition, I make sure I eat «good», i.e. long-chain carbohydrates in the form of rice, risotto, polenta and porridge. I know what I like best, but I don't go crazy when I'm on the road and just get noodles. It just has to taste good! And if there is still some cake from the day before (e.g. banana bread, so no cakes with cream or a lot of fat), then I treat myself to some cake with coffee in the afternoon.

What is your favourite SPONSER product?

In general, the RECOVERY DRINK is my favourite. I often use it in training, because it has the perfect ratio of carbohydrates and protein for me. In addition, it is lactose-free, therefore super compatible and tasty.

Is there a sports nutrition product that needs to be invented for you and your activities?

I would like to see the RECOVERY DRINK with a new taste. Kaiserschmarren or apple strudel, but there's the danger that it tastes very artificial, right? I'm generally not the fruity type for drinks and I'm more into vanilla and chocolate. So I would have an idea for a new RECOVERY DRINK: Cappuccino! I love coffee!